Table 4

MoRISS usability: number and percentage of survey respondents (n=24) scoring ≥4 for each statement (where 1 = ‘strongly disagree’ to 5 = ‘strongly agree’)

Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements about the MoRISS checklistn%
Usefulness of the checklist
 It helps me to be more effective1979.1
 It helps me to be more productive1875.0
 It is useful2187.5
 It gives me more control over the activities in the practice1875.0
 It makes the things I want to get done easier to accomplish1458.3
 It meets my needs2083.3
 It does everything I would expect it to1979.1
Mean %76.7
Ease of use of the checklist
 It is easy to use2395.8
 It is simple to use2291.6
 It is user friendly2187.5
 It requires the fewest steps possible to accomplish what I want to do with it2083.3
 It is flexible1875
 I can use it without written instructions2395.8
 I don’t notice any inconsistencies as I use it2291.6
 Both occasional and regular users would like it2291.6
Mean %89.0
Ease of Learning
 I learnt to use it quickly2395.8
 I easily remember how to use it2291.6
 It is easy to learn to use2395.8
 I quickly became skilful with it2291.6
Mean %93.7
 I am satisfied with it2187.5
 I would recommend it to a colleague1979.1
 It works the way I want it to work1979.1
 I feel I need to have it1458.3
 It is pleasant to use1979.1
 It is a better checking system than our current approach to checking safety issues in the practice2187.5
Mean %78.4
  • MoRISS, Monitoring Risk and Improving System Safety.