Table 4

Sustainability of sites

SiteStart dateFinish dateReason for sustaining/stopping
A12.Aug.15LiveEmbedded practice into lab weekly work stream
Low cost
Obtained support from commissioners to continue project
Belief in initiative - initial outcome data looks encouraging
B4.Dec.1530.Oct.17Inconsistent implementation
Loss of data due to in-house IT crash
Only one lab clinical scientist to run intervention, whereas a minimum of two people required to cover sickness and holidays
C19.Oct.15LiveEmbedded—part of clinical validation pathway
Low cost
Spread initial funding over 2 years
Belief in initiative
D6.Oct.1531.Jul.18Lack of admin support to send letters to GPs
New Trust encryption process for software required—not compatible
E26.Sep.16LiveAnticipated clinical benefit
Embedded practice into work stream
Modest staff time required to manage system
Fully automated system for reporting results electronically to primary care
  • GP, general practitioner; IT, Information Technology.