Table 1

Methods of fidelity capture

Adherence to interventionExposure to interventionQuality of interventionResponsiveness to interventionDifferentiation elements essential for success
Audit: no of graphs reviewed 3 monthlyAudit: no of graphs reported
3 monthly
GP survey
12–18 months poststart date
GP survey
Referral rates to secondary care annually
1–1 interviews with nephrologists (project lead in each site) 12–18 months poststart date
1–1 interviews (box 2) with staff who interpret the graphs (laboratory staff or renal nurse) 12–18 months poststart datePractice focus groups: whether graphs are received by GPs 12–18 months poststart date.Practice focus groups 12–18 months poststart date
4–8 staff, including a practice manager, GP(s) and practice nurse(s).
Practice focus groups 12–18 months poststart date
  • The GP survey is shown in (online supplemental material interview) questions are shown in box 2.

  • GP, general practitioner.