Table 1

MoRISS checklist domains, priority classification with examples of related items (full checklist—online supplemental appendix 1).

Safety domainPriority classificationExample of related checking item
1. Medication safetyMandatoryAny out-of-date stock is appropriately disposed
EssentialEvidence of monthly stock check and expiry date rotation
AdvisoryYour usual supplies are available in sufficient quantities
2. House keepingMandatoryClinical waste is disposed of in line with practice policy
EssentialLaboratory specimens are handled and stored in line with practice policy
AdvisoryThere is a log of all significant items of clinical equipment.
3. Information systemsMandatoryPassword security policy is being followed (including remote access protocols).
EssentialThe practice business continuity plan is up-to-date.
AdvisoryThe back-up data are verified as accurate before disposal/shredding
4. Practice teamMandatoryAll clinicians are registered with a defence organisation.
5. Patient access and identificationMandatoryInformation for patients on how to access the practice urgently or in an emergency is widely available in different formats (eg, posters, leaflets, booklet, website)
EssentialInformation has a patient ID process using two approved patient identifiers and the practice team can describe how it is applied.
6. Health and safetyMandatoryPublic and employer’s liability insurance are up-to-date and displayed.
AdvisoryAccess to training in handling threatening behaviour is available to all staff.
  • MoRISS, Monitoring Risk and Improving System Safety ; N/A, not applicable.