Table 1

Planned phased interventions and expected outcomes

Phased implementationInterventionPatient selectionExpected outcome
Phase I
(2 months)
BP home monitoring without Flo (reported via phone)
(an alternated week with F2F initially)
Borderline PIH or risk factors for PIH/PET requiring weekly monitoringPatient acceptability
Patient satisfaction
F2F appointment saved
Lessons learnt
Phase II
(6 months)
BP home monitoring with ‘Flo’ till delivery
Mild PIH with risk factors
No medication
F2F appointments saved patient satisfaction, system safety operational use.
Lessons learnt
Phase III
(4–6 months till the time of evaluation)
BP home monitoring with’ Flo’ till delivery
(Twice weekly)
Moderate hypertension with medication (single drug)F2F appointments saved
Patient satisfaction
System safety
Lesson learnt
  • BP, blood pressure; F2F, face to face; PET, pre-eclampsia toxaemia; PIH, pregnancy induced hypertension.