Table 3

SQSF fellows’ views on the quality of the fellowship programme (levels of agreement ≥4 on the rating scale)

Attitudinal statementsScotland
Kirkpatrick level
n, %n, %n, %
I was satisfied with the reading materials and resources provided53 (89.8)33 (97)86 (92.4)1
I was satisfied with the presentations by Subject Matter Experts53 (89.8)34 (100)87 (93.5)1
I was satisfied with how the programme content is relevant to my work role54 (91.5)34 (100)88 (94.6)1
I was satisfied with the format of the overall programme (eg, the balance between presentations, group work activity and self-learning etc)52 (88.1)34 (100)86 (92.4)1
Overall, I thought the fellowship programme was high quality in terms of content and organisation56 (94.9)34 (100)90 (96.7)1
Promoting Stakeholder engagement (how to strengthen existing collaborations within NHS Scotland/Your country and beyond and actively engage key stakeholders at all stages of the improvement process)45 (76.2)29 (85.2)74 (79.5)2
Embedding sustainability, scale and spread (how to plan for and assess the sustainability, scaling up and spreading a long-term quality improvement and patient safety culture)44 (89.7)30 (88.2)74 (79.5)2
Supporting Evaluation (how to monitor and evaluate implementation of improvement interventions and assess outcomes)46 (77.9)32 (94.1)78 (83.8)2
The Fellowship Programme has enhanced my knowledge about leadership and quality improvement more broadly56 (94.9)33 (97)89 (95.6)2
The Fellowship Programme enhanced my self-confidence to practice quality improvement and improve patient safety57 (96.6)31 (91.1)88 (94.6)2
Since participating in the Fellowship Programme, my practice has changed in terms of undertaking and leading quality improvement activity53 (89.8)32 (94.1)85 (91.3)3