Table 3

5S tool

SortList all supplies needed.
Set in orderEstablish the layout of the donning and doffing room.
Design visual prompts on the floor.
Place furniture and supplies in identified locations.
ShineUse freshly prepared 1% sodium hypochlorite every time to disinfect the room.
Ensure that the biomedical waste is removed from the bins at defined times.
Ensure that coveralls are taken separately out of the room to the disinfection site.
Ensure that N95 masks are transported separately out of the room to disinfection site.
Ensure that the buckets containing used goggles and face shields are first transported to the disinfection site and then to the donning room for reuse.
Ensure that the sodium hypochlorite is periodically replaced in these buckets containing used goggles or face shields.
StandardiseObjective checklist of donning and doffing steps.
Standardise placement of items in the donning and doffing rooms.
Define and document list of tasks to be performed by each category of staff such as replenishment of supplies, disinfection frequencies, assisting or observing doffing HCW.
SustainReinforcement of activities to housekeeping staff by supervisors once at the beginning of every shift and proactive supervision at random intervals.
  • HCW, healthcare worker.