Table 1

Supplies required to set up a donning and doffing area

1Gloves (assorted sizes)To don in the donning room and to don before removing face mask in the doffing room
2Alcohol swabs (cotton and spirit)To minimise use of alcohol-based hand rubs wherever required, such as cleaning of upper surface of shoes (if not wearing slippers)
3Hands free ABHR delivery systemFor hand hygiene between each doffing step
4Sodium hypochlorite solution (undiluted)For disinfection of the room after fresh dilution every time.
5Biomedical waste bags/linersTo line the biomedical waste bins
6Tape and scissorsTo cover gaps between mask and face if required
7Marker pensTo label buckets and to prevent mix-up or realignment of reusable PPE and waste bins during cleaning by housekeeping staff
8Biomedical waste bin, 1To discard doffed PPE except goggles, face shields, N95 masks and coveralls
9Biomedical waste bin, 1 (size should be large; otherwise, it gets full quickly and cannot accommodate more PPE)To discard coveralls that shall be sent for disinfection
10Buckets, 2To discard goggles/face shields to be reused after disinfection
To discard N95 masks to be reused after disinfection
11Full length mirrors, 2To enable viewing of any visible soiling of PPE
12Graduated mugsTo calculate quantities of sodium hypochlorite needed
13Graduated bucketsTo calculate water required and prepare the final diluted solutions of sodium hypochlorite for placing used goggles and face shields
14Chairs or stools,* 2 (designated as dirty and clean each)To sit and remove shoe covers
15Furniture such as stools/tableTo place PPE in donning†
16Bin‡To discard worn linen (surgical scrubs) after undressing and before taking shower in the bathroom
17MopsTo disinfect the surfaces such as floors
18Multiple small spray bottles filled with freshly prepared sodium hypochlorite or wipesTo spray and disinfect high-touch surfaces in the doffing room
19Clean towelsItems required during shower and postshower
20Clean surgical scrubs of different sizes
21Individualised toiletries such as soaps and shampoos
22Clean slippers: multiple pairs
23Sodium hypochlorite-filled damp traysTo be placed at the exit of the doffing room on the floor for HCW to walk through this before walking into clean non-COVID areas
24LockersTo store items such as towels, scrubs, soaps, shampoos, masks and clean slippers
  • All furniture items such as stools and stands should be disinfectable.

  • *Alternately, grab bars can be installed on walls to minimise contamination.

  • †Minimise furniture items in doffing area.

  • ‡To be filled with freshly prepared 1% sodium hypochlorite for dipping used linen.

  • ABHR, alcohol-based hand rub; HCW, healthcare worker; PPE, personal protective equipment; Sn, Serial number.