Table 8

Theory of change canvas used to create ideal donning and doffing space

Staff: infection control nurses or infection preventionists, engineers, hospital administrators, procurement officer
Funds for structural changes in the unit, supply of PPE, dispensers and hand rubs
Designing the structure and layout of the donning and doffing rooms.
Training staff on hand hygiene, donning and doffing
Making available all supplies such as PPE and ABHR in the donning and doffing rooms and placing them in designated locations in the room.
Improved layout to facilitate donning and doffing that reduces potential for infections (including fomite based)
Increase in percentage of hand hygiene compliance among different healthcare workers
No protocol deviations in donning
No protocol deviations in doffing
Zero contamination
Zero infection rate among healthcare personnel
  • ABHR, alcohol-based hand rub; PPE, personal protective equipment.