Table 2

Differences in patient demographics and key referral details recorded between the two trauma systems

(PDSA cycle 1) %
(PDSA cycle 2) %
(PDSA cycle 3) %
P value
Patient demographics n (%)
 Patient name1001001001.000*
 Date of birth1001001001.000*
 Hospital/NHS number1001001001.000*
 Date of referral1001001001.000*
 Ward location1001001001.000*
 Bed allocation049.249>0.001*
 Responsible consultant1001001001.000*
Referral details n (%)
 Mechanism of injury76.298100>0.001*
 Examination findings85.98896.00.035†
 Past medical history7688910.003†
 Relevant drug history5.35051>0.001†
 Blood results37.239.538.10.716†
 Investigation results74.693.995>0.001†
 Baseline mobility38.855.767>0.001†
 Walking aid35.755.362.8>0.001†
 Handedness (UL fractures)21.241.652.20.019†
 Smoking status2744.2430.015†
  • Entries in bold indicate statistically significant values.

  • *Fishers exact test.

  • †χ2 test.

  • NHS, National Health Service; UL, upper limb.