Table 3

Results achieved by the health facility QI teams (also see online supplementary files for time-series graphs)

Serial.numberFacility (code)DepartmentAim to be achieved in the study periodResults achieved in the study periodStart and end datesNo. of mentoring visits (network mentor/hub mentor)QI project duration (days)
1RMCObstetrics OTReduce decision to delivery time in LSCS for 90 minutes to 30 minutes.Reduced to 52.5 min from baseline of 94.5 min.August 2018–November 20186 visits – network mentors92
2RMCLabour roomIncrease partograph use in all eligible women in labour from baseline to 90%.Improved to 76% from baseline of 30%.August 2018–April 20196 visits – network mentors272
3RMCLabour roomDecrease hypothermia among newborns in LRReduced the incidence of hypothermia to <10% from the baseline of 66% at start of the project.July 2018–May 20196 visits – network mentors304
4RMCNICUIncrease exclusive breast milk feeding in sick newbornsImproved to from baseline of 35%–88%.July 2018 – May 20196 visits – network mentors304
5RMCPICUReduce phlebitis rates by 50% among admitted children undergoing peripheral intravenous catheterisation.Reduced rates from baseline of 18%–7.8%.December 2018–April 20196 visits – network mentors121
6R1 – DHLabour roomIncrease delayed cord clamping rates in LR from <50% to 100%.Delayed cord clamping rates improved to 100% from baseline of 68% and were sustained at this level for 18 weeks.September 2018–February 20196 visits – network mentors and 2 visits – hub mentors153
7R2 – RHLabour roomIncrease rate of normothermia in newborns born in LR.Rate of normothermia in newborns increased to 100% and was sustained at 77% for 22 weeks.Aug 2018 – May 20196 visits – Network Mentors & 2 visits – Hub Mentors273
8R3 – PHCIn-patient wardReduce dropout rate of pregnant women receiving prescribed doses of iron sucrose injection by 50% from baseline.The dropout rates reduced to almost 4% from baseline value of 30% at the end of 6 months of running the project. In addition, the rates of delayed doses also reduced to almost 8% from baseline of 30%, over the same duration.Sep 2018 – Mar 20196 visits – Network Mentors181
9U1 – DHLabour RoomIncrease identification of high-risk pregnancies in LR (to decrease the rate of complications).Identification rates of HRP cases increased to 91% from baseline of 33.4%.January 2019–May 20194 visits – network mentors120
10U2 – DHLabour RoomIncrease early initiation of breast feeding in newborns born in LR.Rate of newborns being breast fed rose from baseline of 48% to 92%.August 2018–January 20194 visits – network mentors153
  • DH, district hospital; HRP, High Risk Pregnancy; LR, Labour Room; NICU, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit; OT, Operation Theater; PHC, primary health centre; PICU, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit; QI, quality improvement; RH, rural hospital; RMC, rural medical college.