Table 1

Profile of participating health facilities

Type of settingGeographical location (district, state)District population20Total no. of health facilities in the district (where deliveries take place)District annual delivery load6Participating health facilityType of facilityFacility annual delivery load21–26
RuralWardha, Maharashtra1 300 7741 District hospital, 2 Subdistrict hospitals, 8 Community Health Centres (CHCs) /Rural hospitals (RHs) and
32 Primary health centres (PHCs).
6759RMCMedical college (hub)4000–5000
R1District hospital2500–3500
UrbanNorth, Delhi887 9783 District hospitals and 1 CHC.7880UMCMedical college
11 000–12 000
North West, Delhi3 656 5395District hospitals,
1 Subdistrict hospital and
3 CHCs.
35 435U1District hospital3000–3500
U2District hospital4000–4500
  • RMC, rural medical college; UMC, urban medical college.