Table 1

Patient navigator (PN) targeted interventions

Main aspectsTargeted PN interventions
Reducing the amount of caregiving
(ZBI Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5, Q6, Q7, Q8, Q9)
  • Referral to community services such as day care/day rehabilitation/respite/interim caregiver support, befriender, etc.

  • Application and purchase/rental of medical devices to aid caregiving.

  • Affirmation and encouragement to caregivers.

  • Engagement in regular physical activity, health screening/checks, taking short vacation, etc.

  • Referral and engagement with caregiver support groups.

Improving caregiving skills
(ZBI Q10, Q11, Q12)
  • Multicomponent psycho-social-emotional counselling by trained healthcare staff (medical social worker, psychologist, nurse counsellor, case manager, etc). Either individual or family.

  • Provide an individualised one-to-one/institutional-level caregiver training.

  • Chronic disease and medication education and empowerment.

  • Application for financial assistance or financial counselling.

  • Transitional homecare postdischarge.