Table 2

Patient survey results—following ACP discussion

Survey questionResults (n=19)
Are you pleased the CF team have asked you about ACP?Yes: n=17 (89%)
No: n=0
Not sure: n=2 (11%)
Do you think ACP was discussed at the right time for you?Yes: n=15 (79%)
Not sure: n=2 (11%)
Should be done earlier: n=2 (11%)
Too late: 0
Do you think it is important which member of the team talks to you about ACP?Yes: n=17 (89%)
No: n=2 (11%)
Which team members are best placed to discuss ACP?Physiotherapist n=18 (95%)
CF clinical nurse specialist n=16 (84%)
Doctor n=8 (42%)
Palliative care team n=8 (42%)
Psychologist n=7 (37%)
Ward nurse n=3 (16%)
Dietitian n=0
  • ACP, advance care planning; CF, cystic fibrosis.