Table 3

Meta-regression of single DTN reduction strategies within Combination Interventions against standard mean difference of door-to-needle time reduction

VariableCoefficientSEtp>|t|95% CI
Prehospital Notification1.6940.9521.780.085−0.248 to 3.637
Stroke Tools1.2060.9781.230.227−0.788 to 3.201
Rapid Triage and Stroke Team Notification0.9850.9581.030.312−0.97 to 2.94
Single Call Activation System−0.5591.542−0.360.72−3.706 to 2.587
Transfer Directly to CT/MRI−0.761.154−0.660.515−3.114 to 1.594
Rapid Acquisition and Interpretation of Brain Imaging−0.0961.233−0.080.938−2.611 to 2.419
Rapid Lab Testing (including PoC)0.4231.2010.350.727−2.026 to 2.873
Mixed tPA Ahead of Time1.8241.4131.290.206−1.056 to 4.706
Rapid Access and Administration of tPA0.5971.0590.560.577−1.563 to 2.757
Team-Based Approach−0.3870.983−0.390.696−2.392 to 1.617
Prompt Data Feedback0.1741.1350.150.879−2.14 to 2.489
Non-Target Interventions2.3620.9662.440.020.391 to 4.332
  • DTN, door-to-needle time; tPA, tissue plasminogen activator.