Table 3

Internal reliability of the HSOPSC’s safety culture factors in 920 responses to a longitudinal follow-up study of operating theatre staff perceptions on hospital safety culture after a stepped wedge cluster randomised controlled trial implementation of the WHO’s Surgical Safety Checklists at Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway, 2009–2017

Survey years
Safety culture dimensions*Itemsαααα
Overall PS in hospital40.780.710.760.76
Frequency of events30.820.820.750.81
Unit managers support PS40.850.840.800.84
Continuous improvement30.640.670.630.65
Teamwork in unit40.760.730.700.74
Open communication30.670.720.670.69
Error feedback30.720.770.780.76
Adequate staffing40.590.670.630.63
Hospital manager support PS30.800.760.810.79
Teamwork across units40.680.690.600.67
Handoffs and transitions40.740.760.760.75
  • *All dimensions gave average scores on the included items on a scale from 1 to 5.

  • α, Cronbach’s alpha; HSOPSC, Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture; PS, patient safety.