Table 1

The National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel-European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel classification system for pressure ulcers8

INon-blanching erythema of intact skin. Differential diagnoses include dermatitis, neurogenic ulcer and deep tissue pressure injury.
IIPartial thickness skin loss including epidermis. Dermis is exposed but intact, or there may be ruptured blisters.
IIIFull-thickness skin loss including epidermis and dermis. Adipose tissue may be visible and granulation tissue can be seen.
IVFull-thickness skin and tissue loss which exposes underlying muscle, tendon, bone or ligament.
UnstageableFull-thickness with tissue loss, the extent of which cannot be assessed due to slough or eschar.
Deep tissue injuryIntact skin with persistent deep red or maroon discolouration.