Table 2

Different change ideas tested as PDSA for visual reminders

Change testedPlan/DoStudy/Act
Wrist bandA wrist band similar to the ID band, but in a different colour, was used to identify high-risk patients.Several staff members were confused, as in many cases this was a third wrist band, next to ID and allergy bands.
Coloured dot on medical recordPrior to the introduction of the EMR (Electronic Medical Records), a coloured dot was placed on the chart to indicate high risk.Medical records objected, as they already used coloured dots for other purposes and, again, there was confusion.
Coloured dot with PI written on itTo differentiate from other marks on the chart, the initials 'PI’ were added to the dot.This proved quite cumbersome and was abandoned.
Sticker on patient’s room doorMoving the reminder to the patient’s door was tried next.Again, the PI sticker seemed lost among the other warning stickers on the doors, such as infection control precautions and fall risk.
Sticker inside room on the patient’s whiteboardThe reminder was next tried on the whiteboard inside each room where other information such as expected discharge date is located.As this is a location that caregivers already look for information, this test finally proved successful and was adopted.
  • PI, pressure injury.