Table 4

Summary of outcomes for practice teams

SiteImplementation outcomes: adoption/uptake
Actions to engage in the work of the collaborative
Improvement initiativesService outcomes or patient outcomes
% attendance Learning sessions (n7) (median71%)% attendance Mentor-coach calls* (median 71.5%)Number of assignments submitted (of 7) (median 7)Regularity of weekly team meetingsTypes of initiatives†Reported changes in service efficiency or in patient health
171% (5/7)93% (25/27)7Most of the timeCervical cancer screening†
286% (6/7)83% (24/29)7Most of the timeDiabetes care (DidNotShow letters)†
3100% (7/7)76% (22/29)6Irregular meetingsEfficient office visit workflow (cycle time)
471% (5/7)83% (24/29)7Most of the timeCervical cancer screening†Increased cervical cancer screening rates from 32% to 40%
586% (6/7)85% (23/27)7Almost all of the timeEfficient office visit workflow†
Early arrival time communication†
686% (6/7)72% (21/29)7Almost all of the timeMammography screening†Increased mammography screening rates from 67% to 71%
771% (5/7)31% (9/29)7Most of the timeReducing no shows†Improved rate of rescheduling patients who had not shown up for an appointment, from 37% to 57%
857% (4/7)21% (6/29)7Stopped meetingAccess to appointment process
971% (5/7)44% (12/27)6Most of the timePatient experience and clinical workflows redesign (chart prep for post emergency room visits)†
1071% (5/7)63% (17/27)5Irregular meetingsImproving control of hypertension and low-density lipoprotein (LDL)
1129% (2/7)14% (4/29)2Stopped meeting
1286% (6/7)37% (10/27)6Most of the timePre visit planning†
Referral process†
13100% (7/7)78% (21/27)7Most of the timeUncontrolled diabetes intervention†Decrease in HbA1c in population of patients with diabetes, from 10.44 to 8.6, in 6 months
  • *One National Cooperative Agreement (NCA) coach held 29 calls, the other NCA coach held 27 calls.

  • †Indicates a playbook was submitted for the improvement initiative.