Table 3

Prechange and postchange in levels on the primary care team guide assessment

Primary care team guide assessment: n= 9 sites
Changes in level before/after in 15 domains by site and by domain
Site 2Site 3Site 4Site 5Site 6Site 9Site 10Site 12Site 13
The practice teamBBB↑ B/A↑ B/A↑ B/A↑ B/ACB
Medical assistant (MA)B↓ A/B↑ B/ABB↑ B/AB↓ B/CB
Registered nurse (RN)↑ D/C↓ A/B↑ B/AD↑ B/A↑ D/C↑ C/BC↑ D/C
Laypersons↑ C/B↓ A/B↑ D/ABB↑ C/BA↑ C/B↑ D/B
Pharmacist↑ B/AB↓ C/D↓ B/D↓ A/BBBAB
Enhancing access↓ A/BBA↑ B/AB↑ B/AB↓ B/CA
Self-management support↓ B/CBD↑ C/BBBADB
Population management↓ B/CA↑ B/AC↑ B/A↓ A/B↑ C/B↓ C/D↑ D/C
Planned care↓ B/CA↓ B/C↑ B/A↑ B/A↓ A/BB↓ C/D↑ C/B
Care management↓ B/CB↑ C/B↑ B/AAA↑ B/AC↑ C/A
Medication management↑ C/AB↑ C/B↑ C/B↑ B/A↑ C/B↓ A/B↓ A/CC
Referral managementBB↑ B/A↑ B/AABBDB
Behavioural health integration↓ A/C↑ C/A↓ A/BAA↓ A/B↑ C/ADA
Communication managementBBB↑ B/AB↓ A/BA↑ C/B↑ C/A
Clinic-community connectionsC↓ A/B↑ C/BBABA↑ C/BA
  • ↑ Indicates increase in self-reported performance Pre/Post. ↓ Indicates decrease self-reported performance Pre/Post. Single letter indicates no change Pre/Post.