Table 2

The 56 quality indicators for hospital-based physiotherapy sorted into 7 composite Indicators

Composite indicator (Quality theme)Quality indicators
(1) The hospital physiotherapy department has a culture of continuous learning, improvement and open dialogue.
  • PDCA (Plan–Do–Check–Act) cycle

  • Peer review

  • Treatment

  • Collegiality within team

  • Meeting obligations

  • Culture of feedback/open dialogue

(2) The hospital physiotherapy department ensures the promotion of staff expertise that is consistent with the demand for care.
  • Structure of team (Bachelor/Masters)

  • Continuity of quality

  • PDCA (Plan–Do–Check–Act) cycle

  • Training plan

  • Expertise

  • Specialisations

  • Attitude to delivering quality

  • Quality passport

(3) The hospital physiotherapy department uses a planning and control cycle to work on achieving its goals in the short, medium and long term, with a policy plan that fits within the frameworks of organisational policy.
  • Quality plan

  • Financial possibilities

  • Innovation and modernisation

  • Visibility

  • Continuity of care

  • Critically monitoring process indicators and acting accordingly

  • Efficiency of operational process

  • Service quality

(4) The hospital physiotherapy department forms an integral part of the overall patient and hospital process.
  • Care trajectories: forming an integral part of

  • Demonstrable effectiveness

  • Commitment to internal training

  • Movement-related care

  • Innovation and modernisation

  • Added value of physiotherapy in the process

  • Supplementary diagnostics

  • Uniformity of treatment

  • Evaluation based on clinimetrics

  • Endpoints of treatment

  • Multidisciplinary cooperation

  • Care networks: role and position

(5) The hospital physiotherapy department implements a patient-oriented policy.
  • Contribution to patient’s ability to cope independently

  • Provision of information to patient

  • Patient self-determination

  • Sufficient care

  • Patient-oriented

  • Patient safety

  • Handover

  • Opening times

  • Accessibility

(6) The hospital physiotherapy department systematically ensures that the physiotherapeutic interventions undertaken by its employees are of the highest possible quality.
  • Clinical reasoning

  • Peer review

  • Patient file checks

  • EBP (evidence-based practice) conditions (access to literature)

  • EBP (evidence-based practice)

  • Endpoints of treatment

  • Implementation of new processes/treatment policy

  • Protocols; topicality, management, application

  • Guidelines

  • Evaluation based on clinimetrics

(7) The hospital physiotherapy department collects feedback on its performance from stakeholders and staff and takes action that is based on this feedback.
  • Employee satisfaction

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Patient satisfaction