Table 2

Relevance (by professionals and caregivers) and feasibility (by professionals and managers/policy officers) of QIs to measure integrated primary dementia care assessed via a survey and final consensus

CategoryShort notation QI*Healthcare professionals and managers/policy officersInformal caregiversFinal consensus, yes/noRemark
nRelevance, mean (SD)nPriority, n (%)nFeasibility, yes/nonRelevance, mean (SD)nPriority, n (%)
Quality of careAssessment of the caregivers’ care1018.2 (1.1)9928 (9%)87Yes117.8 (0.8)364 (11%)No
Case manager involved1028.3 (0.9)9953 (18%)90Yes117.3 (2.9)366 (17%)Yes
Future treatment wishes discussed with PWD and caregiver1017.9 (1.2)9939 (13%)88Yes118.1 (0.7)363 (8%)Yes
Geriatric assessment1027.0 (1.8)9916 (5%)88No117.4 (1.6)364 (11%)No
Goals of the caregiver discussed1008.0 (1.0)9917 (6%)87No116.1 (2.9)360No
Goals of the PWD discussed1007.6 (1.5)9929 (10%)87Yes115.9 (3.0)361 (3%)No
PWD discussed in a multidisciplinary meeting1027.6 (1.5)9942 (14%)88Yes117.0 (2.9)364 (11%)Yes
PWD discussed in a pharmacotherapeutic meeting1027.05 (1.9)996 (2%)88No117.0 (2.2)363 (8%)Yes
Psychoeducation offered to caregiver1007.7 (1.5)9918 (6%)87No126.5 (2.7)364 (11%)No
Support offered to caregiver997.8 (1.4)9926 (9%)86Yes126.7 (2.3)362 (6%)Yes
Changing relationships discussed with PWD and caregiverNANANoAdded round 3
Well-beingCaregiver feels supported838.5 (0.7)8348 (19%)80No127.8 (1.0)354 (11%)No
Caregiver involved in care PWD838.2 (1.2)8322 (9%)80No128.3 (0.9)356 (17%)No
Caregiver involved in own care838.1 (1.3)8310 (4%)80No98.2 (0.8)NANo
Caregivers knows involved professionals838.1 (1.0)8316 (6%)80No127.7 (1.3)353 (9%)No
Formulated goal caregiver837.0 (1.6)83080NoNANo
Formulated goal for PWD836.0 (2.1)833 (1%)81NoNANo
PWD feels supported838.3 (1.1)8360 (24%)80No127.5 (2.3)357 (20%)No
PWD involved in own care838.0 (1.1)8321 (8%)80No127.0 (2.3)352 (6%)No
PWD knows contact professional837.8 (1.6)8320 (8%)80No127.1 (2.2)353 (9%)No
Perseverance time of the caregiver838.2 (1.3)8333 (13%)80No127.7 (2.2)356 (17%)Yes
Psychoactive medication for more than 2 weeks836.0 (2.1)835 (2%)80Yes125.8 (2.7)351 (3%)No
PWD satisfied with his/her daily activitiesNANAYesAdded round 3
Well-being related goal for PWDNANAYesAdded round 4
Network-based careActivity to involve broader network (eg, PWD and caregivers, and dementia initiatives)787.0 (1.7)775 (2%)74No127.5 (2.0)
Agreements with municipality on medical support indications787.4 (1.6)7711 (5%)75NoNANo
Case review with network787.0 (1.8)7710 (4%)74NoNANo
Discussion of mutual interests786.8 (1.7)774 (2%)74NoNANo
Discussion of mutual personal relationships776.4 (1.6)771 (0%)74NoNANo
Document present with expertise and contact information of all professionals787.9 (1.1)7712 (5%)75NoNAYesMerged round 4
Informal activity with network786.4 (2.0)771 (0%)75NoNAYes
Interprofessional education together with network787.1 (1.8)776 (3%)75NoNANo
Network agreements on early signalling787.4 (1.8)7713 (6%)75NoNANo
Network goals discussed787.1 (1.7)7716 (7%)74NoNANo
Network has one or two network leaders797.6 (1.5)7725 (11%)75NoNAYesMerged round 4
Network worked on at least one challenge or celebrated one success786.8 (2.0)779 (4%)74NoNAYes
Network working arrangements discussed787.2 (1.4)7712 (5%)74NoNANo
PWD and caregiver consulted on experience with network-based care777.1 (1.6)7710 (4%)74No128.2 (0.6)
Representative of a welfare organisation present798.0 (1.3)7744 (19%)75YesNAYes
Representative of PWD or caregiver present in network797.5 (1.7)7730 (13%)75No127.7 (2.1)
Work agreement for the shared caseload787.7 (1.3)7722 (10%)75NoNAYesMerged round 4
Cost-efficiencyDiagnosed in the primary setting1016.0 (2.4)9923 (7.74%)90Yes116.0 (2.8)365 (14%)Yes
Number of emergency consultations836.0 (2.3)8311 (4%)80Yes126.3 (3.2)353 (9%)Yes
PWD care is reimbursed from the long-term care finance systemNANAYesAdded round 4
  • *All QIs concern the past 12 months.

  • NA, not available; PWD, person with dementia; QI, quality indicator.