Table 3

Final set of QI descriptions for integrated primary dementia care

CategoryQI description
Quality of careA case manager is involved.
The PWD has been discussed in a multidisciplinary meeting in the past year.
The PWD has been discussed in a pharmacotherapeutic meeting in the past year.
Future treatment wishes were discussed with the PWD and their informal caregiver in the past year.
Support is offered to the informal caregiver in the past year.
Well-beingAssessment of the perseverance time of the informal caregiver.
Informal caregiver states that PWD is satisfied with his/her daily activities.
The network has set at least one well-being related goal for the PWD.
Network-based careAt least one representative of a welfare organisation is part of the network.
Task division and communication:
1. There is a document with expertise and contact information of all the healthcare professionals available for the network in caring for frail older adults, which is updated yearly.
2. The network has one or two network leaders.
3. The network has composed written working agreement for their shared caseload of PWDs.
The network worked on at least one new challenge or celebrated one success in the past year.
There was an informal activity for network participants in the past year.
Cost-efficiencyThe PWD is diagnosed in the primary setting.
Number of emergency consultations in the past year.
PWD care is reimbursed from the long-term care finance system.
  • PWD, person with dementia; QI, quality indicator.