Table 1

Clinical characteristics of all asthma visits to the ED, September 18 to January 19 (n=637)

Time of ED discharge
 Did not receive asthma counselling55086.3%
 Received asthma counselling8713.7%
Office hours
 08:00–18:00 hours30047.1%
 Received asthma counselling3311%
 18:01–07:59 hours33752.9%
 After-hours (18:00–00:00 hours)19330.3%
 After-hours (00:00–08:00 hours)14422.6%
 Received asthma counselling5416%
 Did not receive asthma counselling28384%
Referred to SGH respiratory specialist clinic (n=81)Attended respiratory clinic appointment
 Received asthma counselling (n=12)541.7%
 Did not receive asthma counselling (n=69)1115.9%p=0.0388
  • ED, emergency department; SGH, Singapore General Hospital.