Table 1

Baseline characteristics of patients coprescribed opioid(s) and benzodiazepine(s) at the control and intervention primary care centre clinic(s)

Patient characteristicControl patients* (n=20)Intervention
Sex, female6569
Age (mean), years (SD)60 (±8.4)57 (±12.3)
Psychiatric comorbidity7583
 Substance use disorder2534
 Post-traumatic stress disorder or history of trauma<25†26
 Bipolar disorder or schizophrenia<25†23
Current cigarette use5049
Current illicit drug use4037
ODSP client6537
History of overdose<25†31
  • *Results are percentages of patients except where indicated otherwise.

  • †Exact percentage suppressed due to small sample size.

  • ODSP, Ontario Disability Support Program.