Table 1

Summary of evaluation measures

Type of measureMeasureData source
OutcomeProportion of patients who report that the last time they needed medical care in the evening, weekend or holiday it was very easy or somewhat easy to get care from the Family Health Team (ie without going to an outside 'Walk-In' Clinic or the emergency department)Patient Experience Survey, results aggregated every 6 months
ProcessProportion of patients who report knowing that our Family Health Team had (i) an after-hours clinic Monday to Thursday, (ii) an after-hours clinic on Saturday and Sunday* and (iii) an after-hours telephone servicePatient Experience Survey, results aggregated every 6 months
BalanceNumber of visits to the evening and weekend clinics; number of after-hours phone calls (ie, calls between 5 pm and 8 am)Electronic scheduling system, data collected monthly
  • *Our team opened the sixth clinic in July 2015 and introduced an afternoon Sunday clinic beginning September 2015.