Table 6

The QPIs identified and implemented and the corresponding national targets and results

QPI 1—radiological staging95%88%84%89%
QPI 2—preoperative assessment95%98%94%92%
QPI 3—primary orchidectomy95%51%49%53%
QPI 4—multidisciplinary team (MDT) meeting95%99%99%97%
QPI 5—pathology reporting90%98%99%99%
QPI 6—quality of adjuvant treatment95%73%81%86%
QPI 7—serum tumour markers98%100%86%97%
QPI 8—systemic therapy95%88%76%89%
QPI 9—CT surveillance scanning for patients85%N/A96%80%
QPI 10a—30-day mortality (orchidectomy)<5%0%0%0%
QPI 10a—30-day mortality (chemotherapy)<5%0%3%0%
QPI 10a—30-day mortality (radiotherapy)<5%0%0%0%
  • Green=target met. Red=target not met.

  • N/A, not applicable; QPI, quality performance indicator.