Table 3

Staff-reported outcome measures

NameOptionsText used in surveyAliasWords
Quality of life
Health statusNone–extremeHow are you today? (past 24 hours)howRu24 (2.6)Health status (howRu), when reported by staff is the same as when reported by patients.17
 Pain/discomfortPain or discomfortPain
 DistressFeeling low or worriedDistress
 DisabilityLimited in what you can doDisability
 DependenceRequire help from othersDependence
Workwell-beingStrongly agree–disagreeHow content are you in your job?WWS36 (2.7)Work Well-being (WWS) was adapted from the personal well-being score,20 focusing on the job people do. It measures job satisfaction.
 Job satisfactionI am satisfied with my jobJobSatis
 Worthwhile jobI am valued for what I doWorthwhileWork
 Happy at workI was happy yesterday* at workHappyAtWork
 Not anxious at workI was NOT anxious yesterday* at workNotAnxiousAtWork
Assessed needNone–extreme†

How are they doing?howRthey34 (3.5)Staff or carer assessment of patients with dementia and frailty being cared for at home or in residential care homes.68
 Physical needsPhysical care needsPhysicalNeed
 DistressPain and/or distressDistressed
 UnpredictableUnpredictable needsUnpredictable
 ChallengingBehaviour problemsChallenging
Individual care
Job confidenceStrongly agree–disagreeHow confident do you feel in your job?JCS35 (1.9)Job confidence (JCS) was adapted from the health confidence score,24 focusing on how confident people feel in their work role.
 KnowledgeI know enough about my jobJobKnow
 Self-managementI can manage my workJobManage
 Access to helpI can get help if I need itJobHelp
 Shared decisionsI am involved in decisions that affect meJobDecisions
  • *Work wellbeing: previous working day.

  • †Assessed need: quite a lot needs one person most of the time; extreme needs two people.