Table 2

Patient-reported experience measures

NameOptionsText used in surveyAliasWords
Care provided
PatientexperienceExcellent–poorHow are we doing?howRwe18 (2.2)Patient experience (howRwe) covers peoples’ perception of the care and service provided by a specific service in terms of compassion, communication, access and organisation.20
 KindnessTreat you kindlyKind
 Listen/explainListen and explainTalk
 PromptSee you promptlyPrompt
 OrganisedWell organisedOrganised
Service integrationStrongly agree–disagreeHow well do services work together?Integration35 (2.9)Service integration captures how well services collaborate.62
 Services talk togetherServices talk to each otherTalk
 Service knowledgeStaff know what other services doAware
 Repeat storyI do not have to repeat my storyRepeat story
 Services work togetherDifferent services work well togetherPartOfTeam
Provider culture
PrivacyStrongly agree–disagreeThinking about how we use your dataPrivacy37 (4.5)Privacy covers patients’ perceptions of data protection, sharing and information governance.63
 Data are safeMy data is kept safe and secureSecureData
 Data shared as neededMy data is only shared as neededShareData
 Can see/check dataI can see and check my dataCheckData
 Happy about data useI am happy about how my data is usedDataSatis
Digital confidenceStrongly agree–disagreeDigital devices include computers, smartphones and tabletsDCS36 (6.8)Digital confidence assesses people’s confidence in using digital apps and similar devices.64
 Digital usageI use a digital device frequentlyDigitalUse
 Peer usageMost of my friends use digital devicesPeerUse
 Access to helpI can usually get help if I am stuckSupported
 Confident digitallyI feel confident using most digital devicesDigitalConf
Product confidenceStrongly agree–disagreeHow do you feel about (this product)?PCS25 (4.7)Product confidence coversunderstanding of and confidence in using a specific innovation, application or product.65
 Frequent userI use it frequentlyProductUse
 Confident userI feel confident using itSelfAssured
 Know benefitsI know the potential benefitsPositives
 Know problemsI know potential problemsNegatives
User satisfactionStrongly agree–disagreeWhat do you think of (this product)?UX33 (0.5)User satisfaction focuses on people’s perception of how much an innovation is useful and easy to use, availability of help and overall satisfaction.66
 Helps meIt helps me do what I wantHelpsMe
 Easy to useIt is easy to useEasyToUse
 Can get helpI can get help if I need itSupport
 Product satisfactionI am satisfied with this productProdSatis
Digital readinessStrongly agree–disagreeNew ideas in this field of workDigitalReady30 (4.4)Digital readiness covers how ready people are to use digital innovations and their innovativeness.67
 Digital useI use a digital device frequentlyDigitalUser
 ConfidenceI feel confident using most digital devicesDigitalConf
 New ideas neededNew ideas are neededOpenToIdeas
 Keep up to dateI keep up with new ideasWellInformed
  • FKG, Flesch Kincaid Grade.