Table 1

Techniques used by nurses during oral medication preparation and administration through NGT/NET

Measures2014 (phase I) frequency2017 (phase II) frequencyP value
Medication preparation
Hand washing before medication preparation2722.16654.10.0010
Crush compressed to a fine and homogeneous powder127.497950.0010
Crushing enteric-coated tablets and mixing drugs during medication preparation6754.93226.20.0010
Triturated pharmaceutical form of modified action or dragee4032.82419.70.0010
Medication administration
Flushing of the tube prior to medications administration1613.13629.50.0020
Flushing of the tube between medications48.25966.30.0010
Flushing of the tube after medications10586.811392.60.1340
Feeding tube obstruction5141.86452.50.0950
  • NGT/NET, nasogastric/nasoenteric tube.