Table 2

Simulation and relational coordination domains*

Relational coordination domainRepresentative quotes related to simulation activities
Shared goals“We practice together, becoming like a team that is being coached. We get to know each other, give space and gain understanding of each other’s roles, and are informed and reminded of our common goals (time to protect airway, time to OT [operating theatre]) and common challenges (safety in CT scanner with an unstable patient)”.
Shared knowledge“I have become more familiar with the actual roles and workload of various other parties/individuals in the trauma team”.
Mutual respect“I think the real value is getting to know our colleagues from other departments outside of a real-life stressful situation. That familiarity is then incredibly helpful when faced with a real trauma”.
Communication“I have found that those who participate in the sims incorporate the lessons into their practice, especially around communication and collaborative decision making”.
  • *Previously published in our article “Improving the relational aspects of trauma care through translational simulation” published under the Creative Commons 4.0 Licence.25