Table 1

Description of frailty assessments among patients hospitalised with COPD exacerbation, based on physician assessment

Managing well and vulnerable
n=21 (42%)
Mildly frail
n=9 (18%)
Moderately frail
n=18 (36%)
Severely frail and very severely frail
n=2 (4%)
Age, mean±SD71±972±972±1076±12
Total length of stay, median (IQR)4 (2–7)5 (4–6)6 (4–10.25)11 (10–12)
Previous hospitalisation in the last 2 years, median (IQR)1 (0–2)1 (0–1)2 (0–3)6 (6–6)
Total cost ($C), median (IQR)4366 (2490–7094)5396 (5025–6386)6636 (3826–11 171)14 109 (13 182–15 037)
Subsequent hospitalisations with ALC* designation, number of hospitalisations (number of days)1 (5)2 (75)4 (84)1 (5)
  • *ALC designation refers to ‘Alternate Level of Care’. This designation is assigned to patients in hospital who are ready for discharge but cannot access the appropriate postacute care (ie, long-term care or assisted living). Patients with ALC designation remain in hospital beds, but are not receiving active acute medical care.19

  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.