Table 3

Does moving from standard-notice accreditation process to SNAAP change staff engagement with QS assurance and improvement?

QuestionMajor decreaseMinor decreaseAbout the sameMinor increaseMajor increase
What effect has the SNAAP model had on the consistency of engagement by your HHS in safety and quality activities throughout the accreditation cycle?Post-SNAAP
1 (n=28)
− (0/28)− (0/28)46% (13/28)32% (9/28)21% (6/28)
2 (n=36)
− (0/36)− (0/36)47% (17/36)36% (13/36)17% (6/36)
  • HHS, hospital and health system; QS, quality and safety; SNAAP, Short-Notice Accreditation Assessment Process.