Table 1

Implementing PDSA cycle to explore usability and impact of ViaTherapy

Cycle stageApplication to the project
PlanAcceptability and impact of introducing ViaTherapy to aid clinical decision making, utilising evidence-based practice on upper limb rehabilitation after stroke.
DoTrial the use of ViaTherapy with a group of clinicians in community therapy practice, for 4 weeks.
StudyInterview clinicians prior to ViaTherapy trial and after 4 weeks of use to identify acceptability, what worked well, what needs to be improved, what are the potential service impacts.
ActSynthesis of information from the interviews. Feedback to NHS partners and develop next plan of action for future use, training and development of ViaTherapy. Use information to plan large-scale implementation.
  • NHS, National Health Service; PDSA, Plan, Do, Study, Act.