Table 3

Summary of study outcomes during the implementation period, comparing patients with and without a chart-documented MOST

Outcome variablesDuring implementationP value *
Primary outcome
Documented orders for life-sustaining treatment: n (%)79211n.a.
Secondary outcome
(A) Discordance between patient preferences and prescribed orders: mean (SD)1.6 (1.7)0.5 (1.2)<0.001
(B) Patient-reported satisfaction with care ‘general’/‘decision-making’: mean (SD)4.4 (0.6)/4.1 (0.7)4.2 (0.6)/4.2 (0.6)0.01/0.24
(C) Length of hospital stay: median (Q1, Q2)4 (2,8)4 (2,8)0.962
  • *P value for χ2 test, median test or t-test as appropriate.

  • MOST, medical order scope of treatment; n.a., not applicable.