Table 4

The alternative approaches for streamlining suggested by participants

Prioritisation of agenda to spend more time on complex casesWe already have an A list B list system whereby non-complex cases can be nodded through without formal discussion unless a member wishes to discuss the case.
Grouping of cases by professionals requiredWe already streamline the melanoma meeting: radiology first, then the radiologist and clinical oncologist leave.
Separate MDM for different tumour groups or purpose of discussionBenign patients could be discussed by radiologist, pathologist and surgeon Aline without the whole team. We would also get benefit from a separate metastatic MDT.
The MDT is for management decisions. Pre- or non-MDT could be for diagnostic decisions.
Selection by the MDT chairI strongly feel that the MDT lead should vet ALL cases beforehand so as to verify if they are appropriate for discussion.
  • MDM, MDT meeting; MDT, multidisciplinary team.