Table 2

Patient characteristics

CharacteristicsAll survey participantsParticipants who made free-text comments
Tumour type
 Head and neck13010.3267.5
 Upper GI977.7226.3
 Child and young people332.672.0
 Cancer of unknown primary191.592.6
 Palliative care272.1102.9
Occupational group
 Chair or leader†17914.26819.5
 Coordinator or administrator1209.5257.2
 Other medical‡1018.0298.3
 Clinical nurse specialist25820.46619.0
 Other nursing483.892.6
 Allied health professional645.182.3
 Northern Ireland685.4164.6
 Midlands and East18614.75214.9
 South West14511.54813.8
 South East14711.64111.7
MDT type
  • *Other MDT types=Sarcoma (13), other (12), ocular (4), endocrine (3) and neuroendocrine (3).

  • †Chair or leader professions=Surgeon (75), oncologist (31), other medical (42), haematologist (9), CNS (4), dermatologist (4), respiratory (3), radiologist (3), other nurse (2), palliative care (1), allied health (1) and other (1).

  • ‡Other medical=Other medical (77), haematologist (15), dermatologist (5), palliative care (3) and respiratory (1).

  • CNS, clinical nurse specialist; GI, gastrointestinal; MDT, multidisciplinary team.