Table 3

Summary of responses to open-ended questions*

Q 41: What do you believe are the strengths of multidisciplinary care in your facility? Please list them.Q 42: Do you think there are any barriers to the implementation or improvement of multidisciplinary care in your facility? If so, please list these barriers.
Responded with answers122Responded with answers96
Answered ‘none’ or ‘N/A’2Answered ‘no’ or ‘not sure’27
Did not respond5Did not respond6
Themes Number Themes Number
Participation and attendance42Lack of a dedicated administrative co-ordinator24
Cooperation and collaboration38Poor attendance20
Discussion22IT support and infrastructure20
Decision-making18Meeting organisation and logistics18
Administration/logistics17Time constraints and workload18
Research and education13Database and data collection18
Care delivery12Live data entry and documentation of outcomes/decisions15
Pathology/imaging review12Lack of a care co-ordinator13
Expertise8Communication with patients and GPs6
Total194Finances (unspecified)5
Respondents reporting barriers5Other24
  • *Where responses included several themes, these have been counted separately.

  • GP, general practitioner; IT, Information Technology.