Table 2

Percentage of positive responses by MDT for the six selected criteria (2017 MDT member survey)

C=Combined results from 12 teamsMultidisciplinary teams
C 7 10 12 9 8 1 3 5 6 4 2 11
Does the MDT have TORs or guidelines to guide the conduct of the meetings? (yes/no)16304381093625200000
Are there established criteria for referral of patients to MDT meetings? (yes/no)26704338503618250801010
Is there a follow-up process to check whether referrals from the MDT are actually made? (yes/no)1430578301800100000
Does the MDT use clinical practice guidelines or standard treatment protocols relevant to the diagnosis, treatment and care of patients with cancer? (always or usually)638065698081100633058504030
Does the MDT routinely collect the time from diagnosis to definitive treatment? (yes/no)1020143133002500000
Are internal audits conducted to confirm that treatment decisions match current best practice? (yes/no)72014809901001000
  • MDT, multidisciplinary team; TOR, Terms of Reference.