Table 4

Number of ‘positive’ responses, total number of responses, raw percentage of ‘positive’ responses, cluster (team) adjusted OR and 95% CI for ‘positive’ responses in 2018 vs 2017 and associated p value for the six key questions

Question2017 Responses2018 ResponsesOR95% CI for ORP value†
1. Does the MDT have TORs or guidelines to guide the conduct of the meetings? (yes)2012915.55411746.<0.001
2. Are there established criteria for referral of patients to MDT meetings? (yes)3412926.46211753.<0.001
3. Is there a follow-up process to check whether referrals from the MDT are actually made? (yes)1812914.02211718.
4. Does the MDT use clinical practice guidelines/treatment protocols relevant to patients with cancer? (always or usually)8112962.87211761.
5. Does the MDT routinely collect the time from diagnosis to definitive treatment? (yes)1312810.22211718.
6. Are internal audits conducted to confirm that treatment decisions match current best practice? (yes)91297.091177.
  • *Percentage of ‘positive’ responses.

  • †P value adjusted for team clustering.

  • ‡Number of ‘positive’ responses.

  • §Total number of responses.

  • CI, confidence interval; MDT, multidisciplinary team; OR, odds ratio; TOR, Terms of Reference.