Table 1

An overview of the study design with specific changes in each PDSA cycle listed

PDSA cycleChanges
PDSA 1Feedback meetings with stakeholders (below) presenting baseline data and sourcing input and suggestions:
  • Nurse education meeting.

  • Block room and recovery staff meeting.

  • Anaesthetists' weekly journal meeting

PDSA 2Change of physical location of surgical prep for patients scheduled for regional anaesthesia from the general surgery prep area to within the block room.
Allocating a prep nurse to prep the patients in the block room.
Concurrent prep of patients with block room staff consent, intravenous insertion and labwork check.
Highlighting patients scheduled for regional anaesthesia the day before through stakeholder email and a note on the patient’s electronic and physical file flagging patient to be prepped in the block room.
PDSA 3Email communication of planned communication loop to surgical and anaesthesia teams.
In person explanation of communication loop to nursing staff in the OR.
Block room staff highlighting the communication loop in phone calls to the OR checking on progress of the previous patient.
Consistent nursing staff working in the block room of nurses who indicated interest in regional anaesthesia rather than previous random allocation to the block room.
  • OR, operating room; PDSA, Plan–Do–Study–Act.