Table 1

Demographics of readmitted patients

Age (n=164)60 (46–69)
Gender (n=164)
 Male84 (51)
Race (n=164)
 White (non-Hispanic)82 (50)
 Other50 (30)
 Asian18 (11)
 Black14 (9)
Language (n=164)
 English145 (88)
Insurance payer (n=164)
 Private53 (32)
 Medicare76 (46)
 Medical35 (21)
No of hospitalisations in past 5 years (n=164)4 (3–7.3)
Service (n=182)
 Medical service108 (61)
 Surgical service52 (29)
 Transplant18 (10)
Length of stay (n=182)
 Days5 (2–10)
Time between discharge and readmission (n=182)9 (4–16.8)
Reason for readmission (=182)
 Pain35 (19)
 Infection35 (19)
 Oedema/short of breath29 (16)
 Other28 (15)
 Weakness/poor intake17 (9)
 Altered mental status11 (6)
 Wound9 (5)
 Neutropenic fever7 (4)
 Bleeding/anaemia6 (3)
 Acute kidney injury
Discharge disposition (n=182)
 SNF27 (15)
 HHS39 (22)
 DME given at d/c (n=164)29 (18)
Functional status (n=176)
 Independent/min assist101 (57)
 Mod/max assist75 (43)
No of days to PCP f/u (n=145)9 (4–15)
  • Values listed as medians with IQRs, and per cent relating to the index admission unless specified.

  • Because some patients were readmitted more than once during the study period, their interviews were counted twice but their demographic data were reflected only once.

  • DME, durable medical equipment; f/u, follow-up; HHS, home health services; Max, maxium; Min, minium; Mod, moderate; PCP, primary care provider; SNF, skilled nursing facility.