Table 1

Characteristics of neurosurgical personnel scoring content validity index (CVI) of the preoperative and postoperative SURPASS checklists after testing, focus groups and adjustments according to feedback in the SURPASS validation study in a tertiary teaching hospital, in Norway, 2012

Profession (n)Sex, female/maleAge, mean years (range)Worked in the profession, mean yearsWorked as a junior, mean yearsWorked as a specialist, mean years
Operating theatre nurse (5)5/056 (48–61)2619
Ward doctor (6)3/333.8 (29–39)6.83.5
Surgeon (6)0/648 (31–62)20.33 (n=2)24 (n=4)
Anaesthesiologist (6)1/542 (31–64)142 (n=1)13.8 (n=5)
Ward nurse (6)5/131.5 (26–39)8.38.1-
PACU nurse (6)4/239.3 (33–54)15.16.4
Discharging doctor (6)0/648 (31–62)20.315.6
Discharging nurse (6)5/131.5 (26–39)8.38.1
  • PACU, postanaesthesia care unit; SURPASS, SURgical PAtient Safety System.