Table 3

Representation of how often the RN case managers versus the provider from the index admission agreed with the patients’ perspective of what contributed readmission

Patient identified issues, count (%)AgreementProvider, count (%)RN case managers,
count (%)
System issues: 103 (58)Agreed with patient2 (2)66 (37)
Agreed: patient and system issues causedN/a15 (8)
Disagreed: patient issues20 (20)13 (7)
Disagreed: nothing could have been done different42 (42)9 (5)
Total agreement on system issues2 (2)81 (45)
Nothing could have been done different: 75 (42)Agreed with patient30 (30)64 (36)
Disagreed: patient issues7 (7)6 (3)
Disagreed: system issues04 (2)
Disagreed: patient and system issuesN/a1 (1)
Total agreement that nothing could have been done different30 (30)64 (36)
Total agreement32 (32)145 (81)
Total disagreement69 (68)33 (19)
  • Patients felt that 58% of the time system issues contributed to their readmission.

  • RN case managers agreed with patients that systems issues contributed to the readmission 45% of the time while providers agreed only 2% of the time.

  • N/a, not any