Table 4

Patient perception of hospital support at discharge versus risk factors for readmission

Patient perception of dischargeNo modifiable factorsNeeded more supportX2 Count
Mod/max assist2550
Min/no assist50510.03*176
No DME67820.08178
Discharge HHS/SNF2344
Discharge home52580.09177
PCP f/u >14 days1923
PCP f/u <7 days36300.35108
F/u phone call1923
No f/u phone call56800.64178
  • Patients requiring moderate/max level of assistance to ambulate correlated with patient perception that more support could have prevented hospital readmission.

  • Comparison by χ2 testing.

  • Count is the number of patients included as some patients did not have data available.

  • *Statistically significant.

  • DME, durable medical equipment; f/u, follow-up; HHS, home health services; PCP, primary care provider; SNF, skilled nursing facility.