Table 3

(A) Hepatitis B vaccination data

Patients starting a sentence in 2015N%
Total receptions4998
Total offered hepatitis B vaccination259057
Total already immune (and therefore vaccination offer made but unnecessary)238
Total not offered vaccination for other reasons217043
Total declined offer of vaccination (out of 2590)145656
Total who declined due to existing immunity1365
Total who declined for other reasons132051
Total who did not decline (out of 2590)113444
Total who had at least first vaccination38634
Total who had at least first and second doses*29026
Total who had at least first, second and third doses*19017
Total who had first, second, third and booster dose*303
Total who were due vaccination but did not receive, for any reason23821
Total patients with some immunity127025
  • *Previous doses may have been provided elsewhere.