Table 3

(C) Overall change

20132015% ImprovementNotes
Hepatitis C test offered0%100%+100%All prisoners are offered this as part of the standard reception protocol.
Hepatitis C testing coverage: within 31 days0%7.6%+7.6%Data extrapolated from BBV spreadsheets, as described in methodology.
Hepatitis B vaccination offeredNR57%Cannot commentFigure of 57% includes those that vaccination was discussed with and offered to, and those it was discussed with but not subsequently offered to as the patient was already immune.
Hepatitis B vaccination coverage: at least one vaccination22%19%−3%Vaccination coverage=number of patients vaccinated out of number in the eligible population (number of new receptions in 2015 minus those ineligible as they were already immune). The eligible population here is n=4624.
  • BBV, bloodborne virus; NR, not recorded.