Table 4

Results of hierarchical regression analysis (DV=overall perceptions of PS)

Model 1, βModel 2, βModel 3, βModel 4, β
Block 1—Unit affiliation
 Mental health−0.591**−0.565**−0.341*−0.342*
Block 2—Staff demographics
 Tenure (2–5 years)−0.0680.1140.095
 Tenure (>5 years)−0.312−0.099−0.089
 Clerical staff0.2040.0220.078
Block 3—Predictor variables
 Senior leadership0.360***0.363***
 Supervisory leadership−0.091−0.151*
Block 4—Interactions
 Senior × supervisory−0.135*
 Senior × teamwork0.122
 Supervisory × teamwork−0.029
Total R2 (adjusted)0.177***0.1890.435***0.440
Change in R2 0.192***0.0360.244***0.015
  • Reference groups: general medicine, tenure (6–24 months), male and allied health professionals.

  • ***P<0.001; **P<0.01; *P<0.05 (n=165).

  • DV, dependent variable; ED, emergency department; ICU, intensive care unit; PS, patient safety.