Table 1

Characteristics of study sample (n=323)

Age (years) (mean±SD)31±17
  Range (years)7–88
Gender: female (%)57.00
Demographics (%)
 On ODSP20.40
Chief complaint (%)
 Suicidal ideation47.10
 Disruptive/aggressive behaviour13.30
 Homicidal ideation2.20
 Other (delirium, functional decline)1.50
Medical/psychiatric history (%)
 Current psychotropic medication80.80
 Concurrent medical diagnosis70.90
 Concurrent psychiatric diagnosis92.90
 Concurrent substance use disorder17.60
Substance use (%)
Drug screening (%)
 Blood alcohol level (BAL) ordered19
   Negative result73
   Ordered by psychiatry15
 Urine drug screen (UDS) ordered28
   Negative result27
   Ordered by psychiatry65
 Both BAL and UDS ordered28
   Double-negative result27
  • ODSP, Ontario Disability Support Program.