Table 5

Qualitative satisfaction survey comments

Comment topic
(Number of comments)
CommentCount of students who gave response
Online didactics and other educational materials (n=117)Beneficial/prepared us for the simulation
Easy to use/well done/organised
Too long/redundant11
Not beneficial8
Poster/Skills training posters (n=135)Good review/good information/helpful88
Need more time at each station13
Crowded/too noisy/hard to read11
Some better than others5
To the point/quick4
Simulation meeting (n=100)Good information/good case/informative47
Incorporated all team members/good to see what other bring/good to learn to work in team6
Learnt a lot about falls prevention4
Volunteer assessment and team care planning (n=124)Showed importance of team approach/learnt from other professions about interventions/good team60
Low risk volunteer not beneficial to learning4
Need more organisation4
Most beneficial part (n=132)Volunteer portion/applying what we learnt/critical thinking70
Working as a team48
Skill posters8
Feedback/debrief/group discussion5
Recommendations for future events
None (actual response)31
Better explanation of what will happen at event12
Increase time for event, more time for volunteer interview7, 5
Ensure all groups have all professions represented6
Stay on schedule5
Increase space for posters4
Other comments
Great course/learnt a lot/good learning experience/informative/excellent/valuable/loved it/helpful/best team learning experience yet27
Thank you10
Pleased/enjoyable/fun/wonderful/glad I came13
Good to work with other professions/makes me want to work in team setting7
None (actual response)5
I feel I can help prevent falls4
  • *Note that students may have written more than one comment, and all comments were included.